Sunday, May 07, 2006

LaTex tutorial tools

Hey all,

These are links to the different tools I am going to discuss during the LaTex tutorial. You can download them (they are all free), and play with them to get a sense of how they work:

Miktex -- This is latex for windows. If you are on a windows box, you need this to use latex.

TeXnicCenter -- This is a LaTex IDE. For the new people, this will get you up and running quickly. You can click on icons to insert different Latex commands such as figures or symbols. For the more experience users, this IDE really saves you time in managing your TeX. For example, you can build your documents and display them all in one-click.

LaTable -- This tool lets you build tables visually and then copy the underlying LaTex code to paste into your document. Complicated tables are really painful to write, and this tool makes it a snap!

TeXAide -- This is a visual equation builder. It works similarly to Microsoft's equation editor. You pick symbols and such and build up your world-changing formula, then you can copy the LaTex that generates the formula and paste it into your document. This is awesome since equations in LaTex can be nasty.

A list of tools I will be talking about is in the comments section of this post.
-- Martin


Nicolaus Mote said...

To add to the IDE linkfest, I recommend the following:

* Kile is a good LaTeX IDE for Linux.
* TeXShop is the one I use on the Mac
* LyX is cross-platform, "LaTeX for Cheaters" editor. It's basically an MS Word-like frontend with a LaTeX backend.

Also, BibTeX is a tool for storing bibliography/references, so that LaTeX can easily use them. Lots of programs can automatically generate stuff in BibTeX format for you, if you need.

Matthew Michelson said...

I will go over Bibtex briefly (1 slide) in the tutorial, but for those of you who use emacs, there is a nice bibtex macro for emacs that let's you choose the entry type and then just fill in the values.

Martin Michalowski said...

Here is a list of what I will be talking about:

Front Ends
* TeXShop
* iTeXMac
* BBedit - LaTex tools for BBedit: 1 and 2
* BibDesk
* JabRef
* LaTex Equation Editor
* LaTeXiT

* Combine PDFs
* Excel Tables

Good Online References
* LaTex tools for Mac OS X
* Installing, Configuring, and Running TeX on Mac OS X
* Journal Style File DB with Search

Martin Michalowski said...

You can download my slides from here.

Matthew Michelson said...

You can download my slides and some example TEX

srijan said...

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