Monday, August 28, 2006

Notes on Decker's Semantic Web 2.0 Talk

Ex-ISI researcher Stefan Decker gave a AI Seminar last Tuesday on "Semantic Web 2.0". I took a few notes and blogged them here.

Monday, August 14, 2006

the honary Martin Michalowski "Fresh Meat" BBQ

- who wants to go early (as early in the afternoon as possible) and reserve (stake out and claim for ai-grads) a firepit at dockweiler?

if we don't get a volunteer, my sources say it's unlikely we will get a fire pit -- as people come and stake them out early, esp. on weekends (and fridays).

we will have to be "flexible" for this event -- as we're not paying ($200+) for a reservation anywhere, so we may have to move sites to find a park with an open BBQ spot

- the nearly unanimous consensus (as I'm the only one who wanted to do pot-luck) is to all contribute money...
i say we each (those of us attending) give $10 towards the BBQ, and we donate any extra to charity? any other ideas here?

- one idea for this BBQ is to indoctrinate any new students in ISD (hence Martin's clever tag line "fresh meat") -- any comments there?

- i suggest the menu be hambugers, grilled italian veggies (which means summer veg grilled in a foil packet with italian dressing), and smores -- what do you think? what about our vegetarians, what can we do for you?

- Martin did volunteer to take care of the fire, right? :) Does that also mean he's the chief chef, or do we have another volunteer for that?

- I say beer is OK, but maybe BYOB? comments?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Movie Afternoon 8/23

Movie: A Comedy
Where: 4th Floor CR
Time: between 2-4 pm
When: Wed. 8/23
RSVP: Fri. 8/18
Snacks: Yes

Please RSVP if you are interested in coming to the movie so we can figure out what room we want to book.