Thursday, March 30, 2006

AAAI-06 coming up soon...

Everyone at AI-Grads should consider going to AAAI-06, held in Boston July 16–20. Even if you didn't submit a paper, you can still sign up as a volunteer and get your registration fee covered as well as some travel expenses. More information can be found at the AAAI-06 Student Information Site or the conference website.

I will be presenting at the Doctoral Consortium and I'm sure Matt will get his paper accepted so he'll be giving a talk as well. I look forward to seeing other AI-grads there, either as attendees or presenters. Post a comment to provide everyone with information about a talk you may be giving or something you think may be of interest to others.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Feedback and Comments for Next Event

Hi Everyone,

For those of who who attended the ai-grads luncheon event this Wednesday thanks for attending. For those of you who could not attend we hope that youwill be able to join future events.

We hope that everyone had a good time. If you have any comments/questions/suggestions on the event, please post a comment and let other students know. This is the place and time to post a comment if you have classes or other conflicts on wednesday and would like future events to be held on different day. If you prefer different typew of event or different type of speakers, please say so or better suggest events and/or speakers.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

ai-grads web page

Hi Everyone,

The ai-grads webpage now does have a lot of content related to ai-grads (thanks to efforts of Mark, Donovan, and others). However, the web page still has pagerank of 0 on google because it is not linked from many places. To solve this and to guide your fellow students to the page, it would be great if all of us put a link to the Ai-grads webpage on our web pages. So, please put a link to ai-grads web page on your page.

Friday, March 10, 2006

AI-Grads Luncheon

Hi Folks,

From the leftover money in the Ai-Grads funds, the ai-grads taskforce decided to have two events. First of the two will a lunch with a panel of alumnis discussing their experience getting a job and at USC. We are still in process of picking the alumni students for this, but we hope to get at least 4-5 of them involved. Tentative date for this is Wednesday, 29th March.

However, to make this event possible we need your input. We need you all to RSVP for this event by posting a comment to this post. In the RSVP please include your choice of chipotle burrito. I think the choices are veggie, chicken, or steak. Also, please tell us your opinion on the format. Would you prefer that each of the alumni give a short presentation on their experience or just open panel discussion based on questions everyone asks. Please RSVP by March 24th.
Unlike the Friday lunchs this lunch will be paid by AI-Grads, so you don't want to miss it.

So far we have confirmed the following speakers:
Jose Luis Ambite
Mark Moll
Greg Barish
Yu-Han Chang

Lunch on Fridays

Hi Everyone,

In our group, we go out to lunch once a week on Fridays. For those of you who like to go out, eat, and chat, you are welcome to join us. You don't have to commit to come every Friday. Just on Friday that you would like to go call 88302 around 11:30 and let anyone in our office know and we can give you a call before we leave. Usually, we decide where to go eat when in the lobby based on what everyone says.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Video game competition

Don and I have talked at the retreat about organizing some fun activities for the ai-grads. What if we do some video game competition? Would anyone be interested? Any ideas? Any vote for the games? Pong?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Graduate Student Symposium

any additional feedback on this idea before we begin planning?
i have not received any negative feedback, or indication that anyone would not participate -- but i'm slightly skeptical that all of you will join in?
is there anything here we could do to make this more valuable to you?
please comment.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tutorial Topics

If you have any ideas for tutorial topics or things that would be useful to learn as part of the professional development talks, please add them here as comments so we can discuss them. Thanks.