Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Graduate Student Symposium

any additional feedback on this idea before we begin planning?
i have not received any negative feedback, or indication that anyone would not participate -- but i'm slightly skeptical that all of you will join in?
is there anything here we could do to make this more valuable to you?
please comment.


Jonathan said...

i'm unclear if the focus of submission efforts should be current or previous work, or new, to-be-submitted work, or for rejected/more experimental work? In other words, should I be thinking "Hey, I could submit paper x that is in conference y" or "I'm going to submit paper x or something like it in 3 months; why don't I try it here first", or "Reviewers argued my algorithms in paper x took longer than the heat death of the universe for all k > 3, but I still like the idea, why don't I try it here"?

snehal said...

The other thing we should probably look at is how receptive our advisors are to this idea. At the end of the day, if we are going to submit we will need permission from our advisors, so its important if they are kept in a loop.

dono said...

to Joanthan -- the idea is nothing previously published, and anything your advisor approves -- so no to "conference y", and yes to "3 months" and "heat death" -- but we want you to participate, so if there are more/better/different guidelines that you would like to suggest, please do

to Snehal -- the advisors will be very receptive if we are enthusiastic :) i honestly can't think of a project leader in the division that would not respond well if we made the effort -- and i'm fairly sure we all agreed that participation in the symposium should not preclude future submissions to slightly more well-recognized forums

Jonathan said...

i think my primary concern is that if the research seems good enough to try and get it into a conference, i may as well go that route (though there's nothing precluding conference submission after it appeared in the GSS - since the GSS is internal, right?) and if the research is probably not good enough to get into a conference, why am I doing it? However, there's room for riskier research that is worth doing but doesn't make the publication cut and the GSS can be used as a staging ground for improving things.