Thursday, March 30, 2006

AAAI-06 coming up soon...

Everyone at AI-Grads should consider going to AAAI-06, held in Boston July 16–20. Even if you didn't submit a paper, you can still sign up as a volunteer and get your registration fee covered as well as some travel expenses. More information can be found at the AAAI-06 Student Information Site or the conference website.

I will be presenting at the Doctoral Consortium and I'm sure Matt will get his paper accepted so he'll be giving a talk as well. I look forward to seeing other AI-grads there, either as attendees or presenters. Post a comment to provide everyone with information about a talk you may be giving or something you think may be of interest to others.


Matthew Michelson said...

Also, if you do plan to go and you would like to write for the AAAI Student Blog ( please let me or Martin know so we can add you as a blogger. It should be fun to post your comments as the conference is going on. In particular, it would be great to get a cross section of people doing different things, so if you are doing a robot demo or in the games competition, or something like that, please consider becoming an AAAI student blogger.

Donghui Feng said...


I will attend AAAI in Boston. I just tried the AAAI student blog. but it
seems no authorization is required,
I posted one comment using this
account just now there.