Friday, August 11, 2006

Movie Afternoon 8/23

Movie: A Comedy
Where: 4th Floor CR
Time: between 2-4 pm
When: Wed. 8/23
RSVP: Fri. 8/18
Snacks: Yes

Please RSVP if you are interested in coming to the movie so we can figure out what room we want to book.


Matthew Michelson said...

I will be there.

snehal said...

I will be there.

psamtani said...

My brother's coming to town on the 17th - as long as there's no time conflict, Ill be there (and maybe he will too)

Steve said...

This is during a Natural Language Seminar, so it's not a good time for me.

Next time, let's choose an adventure movie... :)

Pipe said...

Pipe here

Martin Michalowski said...


Pipe said...

I have a meeting with Craig at that time. So i can't be there anymore. Enjoy the movies guys