Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Comments about Life in II Group This Week

This week has been cool because we have been following the FIFA world cup in our office. All of us watch games on our computers and just have a blast making comments regardless of which team is playing. We even watched one game on the projector with few fellow students and that was great as well.

The life at ISI in last couple months has been better as the students who organize and attend events have got closer (not that kind of closer Martin). We have have had some lively conversations about random things and that has been good.

In terms of frustrations/bad things, we all have been hoping that more people will participate and of course it would be nicer if I ever end up with positive score in BZFlag :).

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dono said...

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reading: NATO's Periodic Table of the Elements (it's on my wall -- stop by and see it some time)